2015 Data Innovation Day


About Data Innovation Day

On January 22, 2015, join the Center for Data Innovation in celebrating the third annual Data Innovation Day. The purpose of Data Innovation Day is to raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities that have come from the data revolution. Participants around the world will participate in an online video discussion about the economic and social opportunities made possible by data-driven innovation.

Let's Talk Data

Data Innovation Day 2015 will be an online-only virtual conference of data scientists, technologists, civic leaders, and other experts exploring how data-driven innovation is helping to grow the economy and create a better world. Participants from around the world will share their thoughts about how data is creating new economic and social opportunities and the challenges ahead for maximizing these benefits.

Everyone is invited to participate. Sign up below to join the conversation.

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Become A Partner

There is no cost to become a Data Innovation Day partner. Partners will be highlighted on our website and featured in our promotional material. Partners will be invited to participate in the Data Innovation Day online discussion. To become a partner, contact info@datainnovation.org.

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